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PolyAqua is a professional water conditioner, formulated for use by aquarists and pond keepers
as well as professionals (shippers, dealers, wholesalers, collectors), who transport and handle
large numbers of aquatic animals. This product combines the effective skin slime replacement
properties found in NovAqua
® with the addition of vitamin B12.

Fish in transit frequently incur physical damage as a result of capture and handling procedures.
This damage, combined with the resultant stress from deteriorating water conditions, will
predispose fishes and invertebrates to the infectious disease process. Though such physical
damage and physiological problems are difficult to eliminate, it is important to reduce the chances
of the development of harmful diseases. PolyAqua has been formulated to reduce the possibility
of disease outbreak by providing the following benefits:

1. A synthetic slime coating for damaged tissue.
PolyAqua provides a barrier against loss of internal fluids, electrolytes and potentially toxic
substances. The synthetic polymeric slime coating is only activated in the presence of protein,
such as damaged areas. A 'bandaging effect" occurs as the synthetic slime coat forms rapidly
over the damaged areas. The exact mechanism of the synthetic slime coat formation is unclear.
However, an increase in viscosity and cross-linking among the polymer/colloids occurs when
they come into contact with the protein. As the fish regenerates its own mucus layer, the synthetic
film is sloughed off and is biodegraded. The protective action of the slime coat, which forms faster
than one laid down by NovAqua, reduces the possibility of infection by bacteria and external
parasites. When used with antibacterials and other medications, their activity is concentrated at
the diseased or damaged site.

2. Contains Vitamin B12 which aids in the healing of damaged tissue.
The use of vitamin B12 by commercial fish hatcheries has indicated that its inclusion aids the
normal healing process.

3. Detoxification of heavy metal ions.
PolyAqua detoxifies heavy metal ions such as copper, lead, zinc, etc., which, in low
concentrations, are harmful to aquatic animals. PolyAqua precipitates the metal ions, including
copper ions, from solution into harmless compounds forming a unique, polymeric salt. This salt
is stable under both high and low pH conditions, in contrast to many chelates which are pH
dependent, unstable, and can release their "bound up" metal ions back into solution. PolyAqua
is capable of precipitating free copper ions but reacts slowly with chelated copper solutions.

4. Reduces stress and increases survival rates.
The overall action of PolyAqua aids in the reduction of stress and increases the survival rates of
aquatic animals.

Contains synthetic polymers, vitamin B12, and product stabilizers.
Dosage: Use 1 teaspoon (approximately 5 ml) per 38 Liters of water . When used at this
concentration, 50 ml of PolyAqua will treat 380 Liters of water.To treat smaller amounts of water,
use 10 drops per 3.8 Liters.

PolyAqua is stable indefinitely in solution. If a precipitate occurs, shake well before using.
The formation of a precipitate will not affect the efficacy of the product.

Kordon's PolyAqua is compatible with the majority of medications used in the control of fish
diseases. PolyAqua is effective in precipitating free copper ions (Cu++), and should not be used
in combination with medications containing copper. This product is safe for use in established
aquaria and ponds and will not interfere with normal biological filtration.

PolyAqua is not a medication or a chemotherapeutic agent, and is not indicated for any specific
disease. Its sole purpose is that of a water conditioner.

PolyAqua is nontoxic when used as directed. It does not reach toxic levels with regular use or
accidental or purposeful overdosing.

The use of PolyAqua is suggested for the following conditions:

Fish and invertebrate shipping:
Add PolyAqua to the shipping water before the fish or invertebrates are shipped.
Use 1 teaspoon per 38 Liters of water.

Receiving new specimens and transhipper use:
After receipt of new specimens, place in water treated with PolyAqua. This is extremely
important in cases where larger specimens are transferred using a net. Use PolyAqua at the
recommended dosage. When shipping fishes add PolyAqua to the water at the recommended
dosage. As an additional protection use Kordon's AmQuel
® . For longer-distance shipping,
the amount of AmQuel used should be increased (generally 3 to 5 times the normal dosage)
depending upon the shipping time and amount of ammonia released by the fishes.
AmQuel product data sheet for further information.

Health aid in aquariums for bruised and lacerated fish and invertebrates:
Add PolyAqua to the water at the recommended dosage. Commercial fish hatcheries suggest that
the addition of supplemental Vitamin B12 to PolyAqua increases its efficacy in the mending of fins
and surface tissue e.g. abrasions, skin areas missing scales, etc.) of fish.

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