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Water Quality Test Kits

Kordon's AquaTru Test Kits were designed for accuracy with several important criteria in mind:
1-Dry,stable reagents
2-Dated reagents
3-Accurate, translucent color comparators
4-Comprehensive instructions
5-Measurement ranges that are correct for aquarium use.

AquaTru Water Quality Test Kits pioneered the use of dry
reagents for use in aquarium water testing. The major
advantage of dry reagents is in their shelf life.
Dry reagents are more stable than liquid reagents,
which means the aquarist can perform tests with the
confidence of knowing the results will be as accurate as
possible when using a "colorimetric" type test.
Kordon also dates their reagents. All manufacturer's
reagents, whether dry or liquid, are subject to degradation.
Because the reagent chemicals break down over time, it is
important to know the age of the reagents and their
expected lfe.
AquaTru's color comparator system has been carefully designed to reflect the needs of the
concerned aquarist. The top is flared to make adding reagents easier, the wide base increases
stability and a special sliding window helps make color comparisons more accurate.
The color strip consists of translucent colors applied to a durable plastic, rather than
a printed paper card. The translucent color strip allows light to pass through,
providing a much more accurate match when comparing the cube's colors to those
produced by the reagents. Reflected colors, such as those produced on a printed comparator
do not match well when compared with the translucent colors in a test cube.

The quality of tap water varies widely and aquarium systems are becoming increasingly
sophisticated (and expensive). It is increasingly important to monitor water conditions carefully
in the aquarium. It is equally important to select only top quality, reliable test equipment to
monitor these conditions. It is beyond the scope of most aquarists to analyze the accuracy of a
test kit. They must depend on the manufacturer to provide them with accurate, dependable test
kits, and a staff available to answer questions and resolve problems. Kordon has taken pride in
providing professional quality test kits and test kit consultation... for over 15 years.

The reagents should be used before the expiration date shown on the package. If the reagents are
to be used after the expiration date they should be checked with an accurate standard solution to
insure the reliability of the reagents. The reagents should be stored in a cool place. The color
comparator strip should not be exposed to strong light sources for an extended length of time to
prevent fading of the colors.

Available Test Kits:

Item Number

Product Description

35800 Aquarist Master Test Kit - FW & SW Ammonia (Salicylate), Nitrite,
LR Nitrate, LR pH & Marine pH
35810 Fresh Water Master Test Kit - FW Ammonia (Sal), Nitrite,
HR Nitrate & HR pH
35820 Salt Water Master l Test Kit - SW Ammonia (Nessler), Nitrite,
LR Nitrate & Marine pH
35830 Salt Water Master ll Test Kit - SW Ammonia (Salicylate), Nitrite,
LR Nitrate & Marine pH
35840 Low Range pH Test Kit (5.5-7.5)
35860 High Range pH Test Kit (6.5-8.5)
35880 Marine pH Test Kit (7.8-8.6)
35910 Ammonia (Nessler) Test Kit (0-3.0 mg/L)
35920 Nitrite Test Kit (0-.75 mg/L)
35930 High Range Nitrate Test Kit (0-.175 mg/L)
35940 Low Range Nitrate Test Kit (0-50 mg/L)
35960 Chelated Copper Test Kit (.5-2.5 mg/L)
35970 Ammonia (Salicylate) SW Test Kit (0-.8 mg/L)
35980 Ammonia (Salicylate) FW Test Kit (0-1 mg/L)
35990 Copper Ion Test Kit (.05-.25 mg/L)

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